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Healing Qi

Qigong is a self-healing exercise system has proven to be an extremely effective health maintenance program, which has withstood the tests of time. Ancient traditional forms are constantly being reinforced by modern science.

Three major changes can occur in the body giving the space needed for healing.

1. Helps get rid of stagnant qi that cannot move freely. Stagnant qi can be located anywhere there is a physical, emotional or psychic blockage of energy. 

2. Increased speed, strength and evenness of the circulation of qi, blood and other fluids, balancing he body's bio electrics. 

3. Quickly raises the overall energy levels of the body to boost its natural healing.    

Qigong for Stress

Links between stress and disease have long been established by both Eastern and Western health studies. D&T can be an effective method to reduce stress and tension, and promote physical, emotional and spiritual relaxation. For many of us tension is the norm, jangled nervous systems are the roots of anxiety and effect everyone. The ability to let go and relax, physically, emotionally and mentally is at the heart of qigong practice. These forms directly train the central nervous system to relax. This can increase stamina and intellectual performance as well as promoting good health. 

Qigong for Healthy Aging

D&T is a longevity exercise that can help restore the functionality, vitality, stamina and flexibility of youth. Many people start qigong through feeling signs of aging, have reduced vitality or suffer from illness or injury. 

Qigong provides the practitioner with self-healing tools that can keep the bodies systems balanced and functioning well. It can change your internal environment from being burdened to joyful by allowing you to let go of past influences and quieten the mind and body. Through helping your mind, body and spirit relax qigong helps older people lessen the stress and fear thats surrounds the subject of death and dying in the West. 

Medical Qigong 

Medical qigong attempts to mitigate or reverse chronic disease and injury. The exercises are based around the acupuncture meridian-line system. Used as either a primary or as an adjunct therapy with other forms of chinese medicine, herbs and massage, as well as western medical practices and drug therapies, it works in two main ways. 

1.  Forms are practiced to heal and regenerate the body, reduce stress, calm the mind and soothe the central nervous system. 

2. Qigong can target specific illnesses or body function and areas of the body. For example, D&T is used in China to help heal cancer and mitigate the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. 

 Qigong for Athletes, Dncers and Martial Arts 

Practices are designed to develop skills to move faster with more strength and less effort. Traditionally this enabled warriors to fight with a calm heart and mind eliminating the rush of adrenaline that accompanies anger, aggression and other emotional states. This is type of battle happily is no longer needed but the skills are still valuable to those involved in high performance activity. Athletes, Martial Artists and Dancers have all found their performance improves, and injuries are minimized.  

Buddhist Qigong

Buddhist qigong originated from India's Hatha yoga and pranayama (breath and energy control) tradition. This focuses on the spiritual and mental side of qigong as a system for balancing emotional, mental and spiritual energy. Used with Taoist breathing techniques to provide a calm mental state, perfect to quieten the monkey mind prior to Buddhist contemplative meditation. 

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