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Healing with Qigong

Qigong is immensely beneficial, even when done imperfectly and by people who are sick, have limited range of movement, have low energy or are wheelchair bound. The exercises can be done sitting down. The movements are soft, circular and fluid. They can relax and soften all the body's muscles and improve blood circulation. Invigorating yet calming, they help you to release stress and pain. 

Emotional Benefits

Emotional healing is an important part of physical health. Tension and negative experiences and emotions lock into the body's muscles, joints and nervous systems. They become part of the body's structure and inhibit the flow of blood and energy. Qigong helps you slowly and gently release the constricted tense places in your body along with the negative emotions-anger, fear or sadness, and memory thereof. Regular practice can help you consciously relax and stabilize your nervous system, gently release the stagnant qi and restore balance to your body, mind and spirit.  

Benefits for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

All repetitive stress arises when one or two anatomical spots take the full brunt of whatever action is incessantly repeat to get a job done. Each joint needs to have a complete range of motion in all angles the body is likely to use, so it can naturally and unconsciously readjust when needed without being frozen at certain points. 

Dragon and Tiger physically and energetically helps prevent or cure such stress injury. The repeated gentle turning of fingers, palms wrists and elbows, and the shoulder rotations and shoulder blade movements release tension and help restore articulation to the joints. The continual articulation and release of stagnant qi during the flicking motions can gradually reduce tension, muscle rigidity and the buildup of tissue inflammation and swelling. 

Relief from Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue drains the energy from the body and compromises the immune system, resulting in constant exhaustion and what is often referred to as flu-like symptoms. The movements, combined with breathing techniques, oxygenate the body and improve circulation of the body's fluids. The flow of fluids is stimulated through moving the hands through the meridians. The flicking actions help remove stagnation and restore balance and flow to the entire system. 

As used in China to help treat cancer. 

In China, patients might practice for hours daily to raise qi levels to combat cancer. These patients have to have a strong commitment to life and the discipline and time to practice. This often take place in large groups to encourage practice. It is often combined with conventional therapies to mitigate the damaging effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Half an hour daily practice is needed to maintain many benefits that arise. 

Benefits to healers

Qigong offers some valuable benefits to healers. Preventing burnout is an essential part of being a healer and D&T can ground the healer and allow any negative qi accumulated from their clients to pass through them with being held or locked into their own systems. 

Awakening the Human Spirit

There could be said to be a culture of constant disharmony with nature and oneself which keeps humans from positively engaging with life and relaxing. Dragon and Tiger lays the foundation for spiritual practices  because it actualizes and embodies the tenets of Taoist meditation within the practitioner's body, mind and spirit. Most importantly it gives us the ability to realize a greater human potential in ourselves and to have genuine compassion for others and feel more truly alive.  

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