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Dragon And Tiger Qigong

Dragon and Tiger qigong is practiced by millions of people in China to maintain a vigorous level of health, relaxation and vitality. Qigong works with the energetic system in layers from the outside of the physical body to the inside. Your hands move the qi in the etheric body, which in turn moves the qi in the internal via the acupuncture meridians, which indirectly stimulates the flow through to the body's deeper energy channels and centre. Many of the movements of D&T directly energize the lower tantien (pronounced dan-tee-en). The lower tantien is the qi controller centre, it manages the flow of qi and controls health and physical vitality. Dragon and Tiger is a pure form of Taoist qigong and combines complete relaxation of the body's muscles, tendons and ligaments with soft, fluid circular movements, whilst naturally breathing. These movements are full body movements, with complete attention and focus but without strain or tension. Physical stretches are accomplished through release, relaxation and letting go. 

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