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 Ancient Healing 

Qi is the life force of a human being. According to Chinese medicine, the state of one's qi determines the state of one's health. This bio-electric energy can be increased in the body by doing qigong-exercises. Strong energy flow can make a person feel awake, alert and present. It has the potential to increase mental capacity. It can make someone who is sick healthier or a weak person stronger.  


The Teacher

I have been practicing qigong for twenty plus years. I have studied numerous different styles and forms, from several masters. I have teaching qualifications from the British School of Medical Qigong, direct endorsement from Chris Crudelli (of Mind, Body and KissAssMoves), ongoing practice with Gio Maschio, Senior Instructor at Energy Arts, and have received teachings from Linage master Bruce Francis, Energy Arts. I am Reiki attuned. 


Initially used to heal my own ailments, my practice has led me deeper into the workings of myself, as an energetic human being. My background as a ski instructor helps me teach directly with compassion. The goal is to bring qigong exercises to others, to help them understand and heal themselves.   

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Dragon And Tiger 

This medical form of qigong is grounded in the ancient spiritual traditions of Buddhism and Taoism. It is made up of seven low impact excercises. The movements are easily learnt and performed within a short period of time.

Each exercise or movement relates to an energy channel and associated organ so that after all seven movements have been completed the entire system has been worked. 

Designed to be easy on the joints, almost anyone can practice these soft, fluid, full body movements, regardless of age, weight, body type or fitness level. 


Yi Jin Jing translates as Tendon Muscle Strengthening Exercises and was published by the Chinese Health Qigong Association. YJJ features extended soft and even movements with graceful charm and puts focus on the turning and flexing of the spine, thus invigorating the limbs and organs. Proven to be able to improve health and fitness, whilst calming the body. In particular it affects the respiratory system, flexibility, balance and muscular strength

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I am available sunrise till sundown, for group class or individual learning. There will usually be a class that newcomers can join; otherwise, new classes will be made available. Your health and vitality are fundamental in life, allow the internal art of qigong to help you, help yourself. 
Now is the only moment we have to act. 

"I reached out to Perry as I had heard qigong may be the best way to reintroduce my body to movement without triggering inflammatory flares (associated with auto-immune). I love and appreciate Perry's teaching style which is warm, enthusiastic and encouraging. I find his approach to be energy-centric and more about "feeling" than "doing" which enables me to deeply sense the movement from within, as opposed to simply performing the action. I am delighted that I am able to enjoy qigong without any negative responses, and after only a couple of months feel so much better in many ways. Energy levels, body comfort, digestion, sleep patternsfor example have all improved since exploring with Perry, and as a bonus, I am finding qigong supports my work as a tantric practioner. 
Having trained with Perry since 2005, he has an expertise in understanding Qi, the exercises and internal fluid flow. He has a relaxed, yet dedicated approach, which gives him an adept ability to help others. 
Qigong has been a hugely important part of my recovery from Chronic Fatigue I experienced after contracting Lyme's disease. It helped restore energy to both my body and mind. This wouldn't have been possible without Perry's calm and insightful teaching. 
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Stroud Valleys GL6

Being surrounded by beautiful spaces we practice outdoors whenever weather permits, in parks and woodlands, on hills and in valleys. Winter and rainy days take place @Randwick Studio, a specific designed therapy space. Please note stair access only, other arrangements can be made. 

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